The houndstooth print takes over our interiors

The houndstooth print takes over our interiors

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The houndstooth print is not just for our clothes! Today we find these small two-tone tiles as well in the furnishing fabrics as in the patterns of the floor tiles. The houndstooth print is making a comeback not in our wardrobe but in our interior! Originally, the houndstooth is a clothing pattern printed on a fabric made with a crusader-based weave using identical warping and screening effects, and presenting designs reminiscent of footprints of a hen. Small light and dark tiles are not interconnected like those of the rooster's foot. Far from being old-fashioned, the houndstooth has the power to bring to your interior a graphic and retro touch at the same time. So we find this yin & yang print in many decorative items. From the 3 Suisses "MySpace" rug with its very original big houndstooth pattern to the "so chic" camellia lamp from Matt and Jewski, via the playful wall sticker from the website Find your houndstooth decorative accessory in our shopping.


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