Treat yourself to the photos of the Apollo missions!

Treat yourself to the photos of the Apollo missions!

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On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong (born in 1930) was the first man to walk on the Moon. Apollo 11 becomes the first space mission to lead men to the Moon with Commander Neil Armstrong, command module pilot Michael Collins and lunar module pilot Edwin Buzz Aldrin on board. On this day, the event is broadcast worldwide. Millions of people have heard Armstrong's famous phrase "It is a small step for man, but a giant step for humanity". On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the mission, Yellow Korner puts the spotlight on the event and offers everyone an original photograph of the different Apollo missions, some of which are in limited editions. The footprints left on the lunar ground by Aldrin, the lunar landscape, the astronauts or the lunar module invest your decoration. You can now display in your living room the pictures taken by the astronauts themselves. Most of the photos are available in three different sizes, either in a classic frame or laminated on an aluminum plate. On the back of each work, you will find a biography of the artist and a certificate of authenticity. Prices start from 59 euros. Before you decide, do not hesitate to test the photo chosen thanks to the option "your in situ photography" which allows you to view the photo by choosing the color of your walls and your furniture. One way to be part of the space adventure! > More info on


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