A guide to a successful decorative aperitif

A guide to a successful decorative aperitif

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The aperitif is a key moment in the life of French people. The term aperitif comes from the Latin apertivus, derived from aperire which means "to open". It is a moment of conviviality which originally allows you to open your appetite before a meal. To meet the desire to impress his guests while having a good time, Tony Le Mâle, interior designer and decoration coach, has imagined a guide for decorative aperitifs. The Apéro Style (s) guide offers decorating tips, atmospheric ideas and accessories around 4 atmospheres: Apéro-chic, Apéro-gourmand, Apéro-pop and Apéro-nature. Everyone will find their style to create the aperitif that suits them. For each atmosphere, you will also find an address book to find decorative items and recipes to associate with the chosen atmosphere. > You can download the Apéro Style (s) guide for free on the website


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