I was robbed: what to do?

I was robbed: what to do?

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Degraded interior and valuables stolen, so as not to make the burglary nightmare last too long, here are the steps to be taken as soon as the offense is noted:

File a complaint quickly

Do not forget to ask for a duplicate of the complaint to be able to join it with your insurer. If you are a tenant, make a third copy for the owner of your accommodation.

Notify your insurer

Notify your insurer by sending them a letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Do not hesitate to attach as much evidence as possible to clarify the situation: photos, testimonies and detailed explanations are welcome. Article L. 113-2, al. 4 of the Insurance Code stipulates that you must carry out this process no later than two days after the damage has been noted. More generally, the faster you react, the better your insurer can cover you.

Wait before doing any work or changing the lock

There is a strong desire to erase the traces of the offense as quickly as possible, but you will still have to wait for the authorization of your insurer before you can change the lock or start some repair work. If you did not wait for the green light from your insurance, you could in spite of yourself erase evidence of the burglary that was committed. Ask your insurer to find out if they can offer you a qualified craftsman to carry out repair work without waiting for an expert to come by.

Estimate your losses

Invoices, photos, estimate ... Collect documents that can allow you to draw up a credible statement of your losses. Then send the set by registered letter to your insurance.