Carpet: UFC denounces toxic substances

Carpet: UFC denounces toxic substances

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The consumer association UFC Que-Choisir denounces air pollution from carpeting. If the latest alarmist report from this association is to be believed, it is the glues used for laying carpet which constitute a significant source of pollution in our homes. After carrying out a battery of tests, the study leaders found that the toxic substances of the glue such as Toluene, a neurotoxic substance, crossed the carpet and then diffused into the ambient air. The air we breathe in interiors where the carpet has been laid with glue would be 5 times more polluted than that we breathe outside.

What solutions should be adopted to avoid pollution from carpet glue?

The association which had already denounced the pollution of certain household products and paints asks European states to review the pollution standards and even suggests a Grenelle of the environment 2 devoted to domestic pollution. While waiting for radical measures to be taken, prefer the use of double-sided tape for fixing your carpets to the ground and to effectively combat floating pollutants in the ambient air. Effective ventilation of your interior remains the same solution. . Remember to ventilate your rooms every day and consider installing a controlled mechanical ventilation system in blind rooms. Do you feel this type of pollution at home? Carpet, parquet, tiles what do you think is the best coating for a healthy home? React on the forum and join the community