In the room of Petit Nicolas

In the room of Petit Nicolas

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On the occasion of the film's release on September 30, imagine what the bedroom of Petit Nicolas could have looked like. Accessories and furniture from the 60s, desks, blackboard and satchel, the time is certainly not at truancy! The character created in 1959 by René Goscinny and illustrated by Sempé is a little schoolboy aged 6 to 7 who makes his mother go crazy and never leaves his band of school friends. Thus, with Alceste, his best friend, Clotaire the last in the class, or even Rufus whose father is a police officer, he leads the hard life to Agnan, the first in the class and darling of the mistress. Throughout the stories, we follow this little black haired boy who gives us the details of his life at school, on vacation or at home. It's up to us to imagine the details of the decor in which he lives!


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