Craft furniture: A butcher's block in the kitchen

Craft furniture: A butcher's block in the kitchen

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A large piece of wood on which the butchers cut the meat, the block found its place in our homes and more precisely in the kitchen. Ideal for cutting meat and other foods without having to take out the cutting board, it is an element that brings a touch of charm linked in addition to its very practical side. Some logs with worked and colorful shapes can also be used as a serving table in a dining room for example. Usually made of wood, the block can come from oak, hornbeam, elm or other species. The worktop is made of a material that can receive shocks such as stainless steel, marble or slate. Some logs are equipped with casters allowing mobility which can be very useful! Design side , different styles are possible. Moldings and varnished wood for a traditional style, clean curves and lighter colors such as bleached wood for example for more contemporary models.


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