Easystore, blinds to fix without drilling

Easystore, blinds to fix without drilling

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Madéco, a specialist in interior blinds, has developed an ingenious system for installing interior blinds in less than five minutes, without having to drill the window. The secret: a very simple system of clips that should appeal to less DIY enthusiasts. It is because consumers regularly asked two questions, "How to put my blind?" And "How to adapt it to my window?", That the company Madéco designed the Easystore range. This is based on a chameleon fixing system which adapts to 80% of the windows, whether they are made of wood, aluminum or PVC. Just position two clips at the top of the window and then clip the blind: it is installed. To cover a maximum of configurations, the Easy range is available in 8 widths: 32, 37, 42, 52, 62, 67, 87 and 107 cm. It is available in four models: - furling, sifting or blackout, all in simplicity, available in classic or fashion colors, - Venetian, to filter the light and create cozy atmospheres in an instant, - boat, with decorative vocation for contemporary interiors - pleated, for a refined decoration and a natural atmosphere. A perfect product to remove an annoying vis-à-vis or to finally darken a room without shutters. To know more :


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