The "space saving" children's bedroom at Lynette Scavo des Desperate Housewives

The "space saving" children's bedroom at Lynette Scavo des Desperate Housewives

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Overwhelmed, exhausted, and often desperate, Lynette, a mother with a large family, had to face the tumultuous characters of her cherubim! Always on the move, never safe from stupidity and full of life, Lynette's children put their mother's nerves to the test. It is full of ingenuity to exhaust them during the day by begging the sky that they sleep quickly in the evening! But the fight is sometimes lost in advance, so much so that it will happen to him to take stimulants not to sleep at all and to assume all the tasks of the perfect mother… Fortunately, thanks to her past as a woman of affair, Lynette is an organized person, who structures the space to house all her large family… And she will need it since, beware SCOOP, she is again pregnant with twins in the 6th season! Do you recognize yourself in this portrait of an overbooked mother?

Get inspired by Lynette's space saving fittings for the children's room

The secret lies in modular and functional furniture! Trundle or mezzanine beds, a retractable changing table, or modular and stackable storage… are the key when you have little space and lots of children! Do not forget to bring bright and cheerful colors for a playful spirit ... This added to a few touches of zen-attitude and why not to yoga classes (!) And you are armed like Lynette to face serenely the energy of your dear blond heads!


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