The elegant dining room of Charlotte York from Sex and the City

The elegant dining room of Charlotte York from Sex and the City

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Romantic and dreamy, Charlotte is also the most prude of the heroines of Sex and the City. Educated in a bourgeois family with traditional customs, the young woman retains an ideal of life including all the ingredients of the fairy tale with prince charming and many children … Which greatly amuses her more sassy friends! But Charlotte also has a real sense of family with what it involves kindness and friendliness. This is second to none when it comes to putting small dishes in the big ones when it comes to organizing dinners with friends or lovers. And her sense of aesthetics, developed in her work (Charlotte runs an art gallery), does not fail her when it comes to setting a refined and elegant table.

So let's take inspiration from Charlotte to put small dishes in the big ones!

The dishes are then refined and delicately chiseled in materials such as earthenware where the porcelain . Do not hesitate to use small pieces that make the refinement of large dinners such as ramekins , glasses or even small ones cups to serve the aperitif. Textile side, a table runner and some pretty cotton or linen napkins adorn the table. To light up the dinner subtly, a few small tealight put here and there bring an intimate touch. And why not pretty candlesticks synonyms of elegance? All that's left is to cook up a good dinner and serve it with the distinction it deserves, like Charlotte!


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