6 ideas to decorate the surroundings of my pool

6 ideas to decorate the surroundings of my pool

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The summer solstice already behind us, the beautiful season settles quietly on the hexagon with its devastating sun and its temperatures suitable for swimming. And as much to say that on this subject, France knows a sacred ray. With nearly 2 million private swimming pools, it is positioned just behind the United States in the world ranking ... Just that! The sector is not experiencing the crisis: is this one of the consequences of global warming? In addition, today the simple pool is no longer the only interest for buyers. We now prefer to opt for a more contained size, but with more equipment for maximum comfort. A nice decor that sets the tone, an automatic cover for more security, and of course a small elegant and practical "pool house" ... Don't wait any longer to go from the paddling pool to the big bath! For pretty and well thought out swimming pool areas, let's go ahead for a closer look at a few key points.

1. A pretty beach for my pool

© Côté Piscine / Abed Baldwin There are many solutions, each with its advantages and disadvantages. For a raw and authentic look, we play sure values ​​with the natural or reconstituted stone and the concrete . More chic, the floor tile may also seem tempting. Be careful however, it unfortunately remains conducive to falls, despite an anti-slip treatment. As to wood , it brings a very beautiful, more natural aesthetic rendering. Even if it requires a little maintenance, it is more ecological and has the capacity to blend in with its environment . The icing on the cake, it has the undeniable advantage of being a little cheaper than its competitors! Associated with a little grass and a few white pebbles, it provides the perfect atmosphere for a Zen and minimalist rendering. But who says beach also says security! And even if it's close to the water, we take the opportunity to remember the obligation to be equipped with a prevention device : pool cover, barrier, alarm or shelter. With this, toddlers can finally play freely!

2. My swimming pool goes green

© Azurea / Rosier Pro Surrounding my pool with greenery is choosing a natural and unique atmosphere. Tropical, Zen, Mediterranean ... Each type of vegetation has its own atmosphere! Obviously, we do not put any plants at the edge of the basin, under penalty of often having to pass the landing net! This avoids honey plants , those that lose their leaves and the thorns. We will therefore tend to favor the palm , agave or the banana tree for an exotic touch. To head south, we will set our sights on oleanders , the lavender as well as some grasses . And why not one alocasia or one Japanese maple ? With their atypical leaves, they will lend themselves particularly to a Zen atmosphere. Theorange tree from mexico and its white flowers, as well as some hydrangeas will do wonders in a more rustic decor. But concerning the question of gardening, should I put them in pots or plant them directly in the ground? It all depends on the expected result, namely that certain plants such as palm trees can quickly take up space in beds! We do not hesitate to seek advice from a garden center, so as not to risk underground conflicts with the swimming pool. By opting for the solution of pots, we can also put certain plants in pretty wicker baskets . Perfect for a bohemian look, they will give character to your terrace!

3. A little shade for swimming

© Archiexpo / Espace Ombrage To avoid summer sunstroke, there is now an embarrassment of choice in terms of shade : fixed or modular, modern or romantic ... No question of letting our sunshine slip away! Option number one: the pergola . With its metallic structure, it has the merit of offering an elegant and solid solution. It is found both in romantic ironwork and in a sober and minimalist version. For lovers of a bohemian atmosphere, the shade sails increasingly have the wind in their sails and tend to supplant the arbor. Easy to install, three or four hanging points are enough to find the shade you need. Hanging above the pool, it is the optimal solution to have a little shade directly in the water . Finally, we no longer present the mythical parasol, which is now available in remote version . No more worrying about the unsightly foot camping in the center of the table!

4. A comfortable lounge by the water

© Care Home Care / Homestore What could be better than a good relax to sip a lemonade after a few lengths in the pool? In the area of ​​comfort equipment, there is something for everyone. We opt for a little garden Lounge to be installed under the pergola, ideal place for an aperitif with friends around a small coffee table. Canvas, resin, rattan, metal ... There is no shortage of materials! As for the forms, we are now spoiled for choice. At the end of the pool, we replace the classics deckchairs by a hammock, just to swing like under the coconut trees! And if we added to the table some big waterproof cushions? Arranged at the water's edge, they give my exterior the air of a beach and a relaxed vacation. Floating, you can even use them in water! Finally, for a nap shared with your partner, you can easily adopt the four-poster bed special terrace . With him, you almost feel like in a hotel on stilts in Bora Bora ... All this without moving from the comfort of his swimming pool!

5. A swimming pool to light up my nights

© Bayz Home Design / Caron Swimming pools Besidesbasin lighting , essential for any good self-respecting midnight swim, outdoor lighting is just as important! Each pool has its own style and atmosphere. Fixed floor lamps for some people, flaming torches Koh Lanta way for others, without forgetting the lighting systems that recharge with solar energy . For a resolutely design atmosphere, we opt for luminous balls . On the edge of the pool or floating on the surface of the water, there are all sizes, with a fairly powerful autonomy. Available in several colors , they offer my pool an easy and modern lighting! Finally, for a festive atmosphere in anticipation of future barbecues, we add a tavern garland on the pergola. That's it !

6. A beautiful decoration for my swimming pool

© Archiexpo / Oxygena But a trendy swimming pool would not be up to date without a quality decor. For a tropicool atmosphere, we collect flamingos, pineapple and monstera leaves everywhere, from textiles to light fixtures. For young and old, we adopt giant buoys in order to play the humor card thoroughly. Watermelon, cactus, pineapple, donuts, pizza, or unicorn… For a colorful decoration, don't be afraid to be original! Conversely, for a Zen pool, we stay on more neutral tones and natural materials like rattan. And why not install a buddhist statue or a small waterfall to perfect harmony? As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas to make your pool unique. So don't wait any longer to take the plunge!


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