Maintain your oil or gas boiler

Maintain your oil or gas boiler

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Maintaining your boiler is mandatory. But who does it? How to find the right provider? What is the price ? Jacky Dufier, After-sales manager at ELM Leblanc, tells us everything.

Is maintenance of your boiler compulsory?

Yes. Whether your boiler runs on gas or oil, you must maintain it annually. This obligation is stipulated in the decree of August 2, 1977 and the decree of June 9, 2009. You are free to subscribe or not a maintenance contract in the form of a subscription.

Concretely, what is the purpose of this annual visit?

To check the various safety points of your boiler. Maintenance includes checking the boiler, if necessary cleaning and adjusting it, as well as providing the necessary advice on the correct use of the boiler in place, possible improvements to the entire heating system and the possible interest of its replacement.

What is the point of signing a maintenance contract?

It's a real peace of mind, both in terms of the quality of the services provided and the seriousness of the company that takes care of it. A boiler maintenance contract includes an annual visit, scheduled at the right time by the company itself, and as many repairs as necessary. Some companies offer several levels of contracts with several different rates depending on the options chosen.

How to find a company specialized in the maintenance of boilers?

Some boiler manufacturers, such as ELM Leblanc or Frisquet, have their own technical service with their own contracts. Otherwise, the manufacturer of your boiler can indicate approved partners, as well as Gaz de France Dolce Vita if you have a gas boiler.

Does the annual boiler maintenance visit also include cleaning the duct?

No, unless the company you have called also sweeps and requests it. But most often, you have to contact another company, specialized in chimney sweeping. Annual sweeping of the boiler chimney flue is compulsory, as is that of the flue of a wood-burning chimney.

When should the maintenance visit be made to the boiler?

It can be done at any time of the year. But to avoid the wait, it is better to do it in April, May or June.

What is the average price of an annual maintenance contract for a boiler?

The average entry price is € 100 including VAT with a 5.5% VAT, and this can go up to € 300 depending on the guarantees granted.


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