5 decorative boxes on the test bench for Christmas

5 decorative boxes on the test bench for Christmas

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In recent years, boxes have been blooming under the Christmas tree. Gastronomy, cultural stays or sporting activity, more and more themes are available. And recently, decor has appeared in boxes! Creative kit, decoration coaching, decoration products or even architect coaching, many possibilities are available to you. Here are 5 boxes tested for you, in order to choose the decorative box that will suit your loved ones!

Architeambox: the coaching of an architect

These are 6 boxes offering different services from a graduate architect and affiliated to the FNSAI (National Federation of Interior Architect Syndicates). The architect comes to his home. The first box "Visit and advice" corresponds to a visit and personalized advice (planning advice, technical advice, advice before buying a property ...). The other 5 "Visit and design" boxes are designed according to the accommodation or the room and are available in "Kitchen and living room space", "Bedroom-bathroom-dressing room space", "Studio space", "Loft space" and "Apartment and house space". Prices range from 289 euros to 1989 euros. Architeambox

Creative Workshop at Smartbox

51 creative workshop courses are offered in this box. A team of creative craftsmen and stylists introduces participants to all kinds of creative hobbies. Once you have received the gift, you just have to choose between eight different themes: "Trend, Fashion accessories, Decorative objects, Ready-to-wear, Applied art, Creative jewelry, Floral art and Perfume". Among the decorative courses, you will find courses in customization, scrapbooking, sewing, framing, cardboard, acrylic painting, making recycled decorative accessories, decorative coaching ... and many more! But beware, these courses take place only in Paris. Box for one person. 64.90 euros. Smartbox

Two categories of decorative objects at Kadeos

Two decorative boxes are offered at Kadeos, "My chic interior" and "My interior basics". These two boxes give the right to a decorative object that one will choose on the internet thanks to a personal code. Among the items offered, Big Apple cushions at Teo Jasmin, a Blanc des Vosges bed linen set or 6 flutes at Guy Degrenne for the "My basics of interior" set, a set of Kalideco baroque stickers, a Blanc des bath set Vosges or a 24-piece Guy Degrenne box set for the "My chic interior" box. My interior basics: 99 euros, My chic interior: 149 euros. Kadeos

A concentrate of ELLE Déco at Wonderbox

The "Design and Decoration" box in connection with the magazine Elle Décoration, offers no less than 43 different themes related to decoration. Objects and furniture to pick up in store, decorative coaching or creative workshops, everything is possible and the choice is vast! 69.90 euros. Wonderbox

Creative workshops alone or with family at Happybox

Among three different boxes: Activity and leisure, Activities and leisure Duo and Long live the family, Happy box offers several decorative themes. Thus, the first box offers courses in watercolor modeling, calligraphy ... the second of photo workshops, pottery or drawing ... finally the third offers previous family activities (from 2 to 5 people). Activity and leisure: 39.90 euros, Activity and leisure Duo: 74.90 euros, Long live the family: 69.90 euros. Happybox