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A beautiful way to dress the section of wall that separates your worktop from your tall furniture in the kitchen: the Plexiglas credenza with photographic print or illustration ensures an original decor and easy maintenance. The online sales site offers Plexiglas credenzas including decor that will blend with all styles of cuisine. Photo printing with a view of New York or Manhattan, or colorful and poetic decor, like a wallpaper, the models become real decorative accessories for dressing a wall. Above the sink or worktop, the Plexiglas plates are fixed with screws then hidden by screw covers. They are available in a standard model, one meter long and 5 mm thick, but can also be made to measure. On the maintenance side, a damp cloth or window cleaner is sufficient. Be careful not to place this credenza in front of a stove. On the price side, count from 329 euros. > more info on


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