Colette's cozy and romantic bedroom

Colette's cozy and romantic bedroom

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Tadelak effect DECORATIVE HOUSE www.maisondecopeintures.com White Painting Mouse Painting HEYTENS www.heytens.com Boutis "Etoiline" collection Beige linen 15666L "Etoiline" Linen cushion covers 2 Carpets 1 White wooden valet 15626W 1 square frame mirror with round mirror in dark gray wood 18518 2 White wooden bedside tables 16941W 1 Dresser 3 drawers in gray wood 176666LG 2 Metal lamps "Oriental" to ask 18118 2 Moroccan Lanterns to ask in openwork metal 18280 Lamp base in white wood with Linen shade 17176W Black wooden frames with "Chairs" engravings 17692 POMAX www.pomax.com 1 Steel rod with white stain decor 2 Aluminum birth supports with white stain decor ATN www.atn-sa.com Curtains Lamps with monogram THE WORLD OF ROSE www.lemondederose.com White Towel and Moles SOFACOLORS www.sofacolors.fr "Vega" floor lamp in perforated nubuck Ref: 315702 BOUDET www.c-creation.fr 1 Duo of pillar holder Lyricism 1 7cm boula candle Vanilla cream 1 Pillar 3 wicks 10x15cm Vanilla cream 1 Set of maxi tealight candle holder Essential 1 Maxi tealight candle White unscented 2 holder -lampions Creative medium 1 Lampion Vanilla cream 1 Duo of Harmonie tealight holder 1 Candle jar Balloon Cream vanilla 1 Art Deco scent diffuser 1 Small gift box 1 Mini jar candle Ballon Vanilla cream 1 Candle box Lavender bouquet 1 Duo of Well Being mini soaps Flower water 2 Brocade wax lantern holder 1 Well Being Quietude bath product 1 Quietude spray for linen 1 Scented sachet Lavender bouquet PARTYLITE www.partylite.fr White and beige cushion GIFI
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