The inflatable pouf by Bang Créations

The inflatable pouf by Bang Créations

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Stefan and Kirstin, two young English designers from the Bang Créations team, presented at the Maison et Objet fair a multifunctional pouffe, the Lojoball. Closed, it looks like any round pouffe. You can just sit on it or use it as a footrest, propped up in a big chair in front of the TV. But it is especially once opened that the pouffe causes a sensation! Using a zip, it turns into a very comfortable seat and allows you to sit on the floor. The back is well maintained, no risk of getting hurt. A perfect solution to sit around a coffee table with friends, or in front of a good video game. The Bang Creations ottoman is not just practical and beautiful, it is transportable. Are you invited to a party with friends? Deflate your Lojoball and store it in a cover provided for this purpose. With the help of a small pump supplied with the balloon, you can simply re-inflate it if you miss a seat! Easy to match Lojoball with the decor of a living room or a teenager's bedroom, this design accessory is available in different styles: ultra feminine pink, leather, deep red, mouse gray or royal blue… To find out more , go to the website www.lojoball.com From 140 euros


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