Water savings: Ideo Bain sets an example

Water savings: Ideo Bain sets an example

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The bathroom, which consumes a lot of water, disciplines itself to preserve this natural resource. Saving water is now a real innovation factor. Update on the major innovations of the last Ideo Bain show. Maintaining all the qualities of optimal pressure while saving resources as much as possible, this is the challenge for manufacturers specializing in the world of the bathroom. Thus, the design of valves is enriched with new processes. In Dornbracht , the Tara and Supernova ranges now have a new plastic aerator which reduces flow to 7 liters per minute but also protects against lime and limits flow noise.

The brand Dipra launch it Laggi WS 40 collection, whose three models, with an eco-oriented design, save up to 40% of water compared to traditional taps.

In Grohe , all shower models are now equipped with the Eco Button technology which allows, at the touch of a button, up to 40% water savings without blocking the nozzles or reducing the pleasure of the shower.

On thermostats, Ramon soler offers the Thermojet range whose Ecoplus system saves both water and energy. As for his collection Arola , it incorporates the technology best suited to each tap. For sinks, bidets and sinks, it uses progressive cartridges for opening cold water while for showers and baths, it has chosen thermostatic systems.

In the family of showers, the brand jedo , thanks to its new systemclosed circuit hydromassage, saves on average 180 L of water per shower!

Villeroy & Boch offers a new toilet bowl, GreenGain , which consumes only 3.5 L of water per rinse, 2.5 L less than a standard system, without any loss of efficiency.

For its part, SFA enriches its Sanicompact® range with the Sanicompact Confort Eco equipped with an economical and ecological double flushing system allowing to choose between a water consumption of 1.8 L or 3 L only against 3 L or 6 L in conventional systems.