8 steps to develop the ideal guest bedroom

8 steps to develop the ideal guest bedroom

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1. Comfortable bedding

© Urban Gray Home

A comfortable bed, nothing like a good night's sleep!

What would a successful guest room be without good bedding ? You will understand, this is the most important point to offer your guests a most pleasant night! At the mattress level, what to choose? Between pocket springs, memory foam or latex, manufacturers compete in arguments. In reality, it is above all a question of comfort and frequency of use. Your turn to try ! When the box spring, whether slatted or upholstered, it is fashionable to buy it at the same time in order to get an idea of ​​the ultimate comfort. In the pillows department: foam, natural feathers, ergonomic or shape memory… Again the choice is tough. We generally recommend a medium height pillow to preserve the most delicate cervicals.

2. An incomparable softness

© Couch / Bolig Magasinet

Soft cushions, a puffy duvet, a soft carpet ... Perfect for feeling like in a cocoon!

What your guests need most when they are away from home is, of course, sweetness. For that, we bet on beautiful fabrics and extra-soft fabrics. Pretty curtains for a cozy atmosphere, an enveloping duvet, a bed linen set in washed linen, cushions with a velvet touch… What soften the customs! The must : a soft carpet as soon as you jump out of bed for a revival while voluptuousness… Royal!

3. Functional furniture

What furniture to choose for my guest room? As already mentioned, it all starts with a bed! But what would it be without pretty bedside tables to frame it? To complete the picture, we offer its guests a support to deposit your clothes before going to sleep. A valet, a pretty chair, a retro coat rack, a cozy armchair, or even a minimalist bench installed at the foot of the bed… Ideas are not lacking ! If your friends are there for several days, they will be delighted to find a wardrobe or chest of drawers. They will be able to store their clothes there. Likewise, a small console can easily be transformed into an office area for a day. Handy if your friends have brought some vacation homework with them!

4. Adequate decoration

© DR

For a guest bedroom in good shape, we coordinate the furniture.

For a pleasant guest room, nothing like a pretty decoration. First of all, on the wall level, we emphasize soft and bright tones, whether in paint or wallpaper. This will give an overall impression of space. Beware of overloaded patterns: in this case it is better to focus on one wall. As they say, Not too much need ! Another important step, we take care of the hanging. A painting that invites you to escape, some carefully framed photographic prints, or a delicious poem… So many pleasant distractions such as windows open to daydreaming and relaxation. Exit the photo of Aunt Thérèse or Papi Fernand (even if we like them a lot)! The ideal: depersonalize as much as possible so that your friends feel at home. The centerpiece to remember: a large mirror. Convenient to see yourself on foot in the morning. And why not a dressing table, if the room is spacious? Finally, on the furniture side, we coordinate in order to create a beautiful harmony. With that, your guests will no longer want to leave!

5. Pleasant light

© Urban Outfitters / Sandra Thorsson

Good lighting often enlarges the room visually.

For a successful guest bedroom, what could be more pleasant than a beautiful light? Whether artificial or natural, lighting is of paramount importance. Some mood lights such as bedside lamps, more general lighting when necessary ... Each light has its own light! But darkness is also important, in order to guarantee the most peaceful sleep! On the window side, we make sure to install blinds or blackout curtains for those who need total darkness. In order to avoid any visual pollution, we carefully eliminate all stray light night light type of electronic devices.

6. A fragrant atmosphere

A refined decoration for the view, a calm environment for the ear, velvety fabrics for the touch ... To complete the sensory offer, nothing like a delicate fragrant atmosphere. A bouquet of fresh flowers from the garden, an elegant little green plant… A few eucalyptus stems in a pretty demijohn for a timeless decor ... Perfect for feeling enveloped in sweetness! We complete the offer in the cupboards with scented sachets. What if we tell you we can even do it yourself? Dried lavender flowers in a square of fabric closed with a pretty ribbon ... And voila. We can also have a few rose petals in a small dish. Natural and simply romantic! For more elaborate scents, opt for a diffuser bouquet, or a perfume to spray before the arrival of the guests. With that, impossible not to fall in love!

7. Captivating readings

Whether at bedtime or early waking, there is nothing like a good book. A small library, books harmoniously arranged on a shelf, a few magazines in a pretty magazine rack… This is enough to keep your guests pleasantly occupied in their current accommodation. Be careful however that these readings are still relevant! We avoid too serious magazines dealing with serious subjects, religion or politics… The bedroom must remain a place conducive to relaxation.

8. Delicate attentions

© Gunnar And Grace / Cologne and Cotton

These are little touches that will please your guests!

Did your friends travel many kilometers to reach you? They will be delighted to discover the few gentle touches that you have prepared for them. In the guest bedroom, sometimes just a few things are enough. A bottle of water, glasses and some fruit arranged on a nice tray… Perfect for feeling comfortable! Likewise, during a heat wave, a few refreshing wipes or a spray of mineral water will soothe scalded spirits. For the toilet, we think of leaving bath towels and sheets available. Handmade soap and shampoo bottle will be timely to complete the panoply. Finally, if you secretly aim for the palm of the best host, a fluffy bathrobe and small slippers will propel you directly onto the podium! As we know, bedtime is an opportunity to recharge your batteries. But it's also the time to plug in your smartphone, which generally comes to an end at the end of the day. If they forgot theirs, your guests will be happy to find a emergency charger. Slipped into a drawer, this is an inexpensive tool that will be greatly appreciated!

Now, you are now ready to receive your loved ones in optimal conditions. With all this comfort, the risk is that your guests will end up not wanting to leave ... We will have warned you!


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