Zoom on… The juju hats

Zoom on… The juju hats

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This is the new must-have that all decoration enthusiasts talk about. Juju hats, originally traditional Cameroonian headdresses, are on the rise. Succeeding the fashion of Scandinavian design, the bohemian ethnic trend always transports us further south. After Native American inspirations and their dream catchers, head to Africa and its festive colors! Diverted from its original function, this funny hat also called Aka Cameroonian headdress is displayed on the wall for the pleasure of the eyes. Alone in XXL format, or of different sizes in accumulation, this is an original object which arouses astonishment. Whether plain, multicolored or in pastel colors, the juju hat fascinates. Zoom on a feathered trend that will give wings to your decor.

The juju hat: quésaco?

© Les Brindilles The Aka juju hat or headdress is worn during tribal ceremonies by the Bamileke ethnic group in Cameroon. What is juju hat? Originally from Cameroon, a vast country in central Africa, this curious headgear is actually a ancestral traditional headdress. Worn by the great leaders of the Bamileke ethnic group, it is honored during tribal ceremonies. For example, during a funeral ceremony, when an elder dies, the hat is bequeathed to his heir. Symbolizing the wealth and social status of the missing person, it is a sacred gift. Handcrafted in the Cameroonian countryside, it consists of tinted natural feathers, arranged in a circular way, which are then fixed on a raffia support. Its great feature is that it can fold in on itself for easy storage. Each craft copy is unique, and requires between two and three days of work to a master weaver. As for its wingspan, it can extend up to almost a meter in diameter. Impressive, isn't it? The juju hat is still used during current Cameroonian ceremonies. It represents prosperity, and still constitutes today a important social marker. An outward sign of power, this is a pass for many privileges. These incredible hairstyles with an aerial look have therefore come a long way to reach us ... They undoubtedly deserve a special place in our interiors! Whether you are a fan of ethnic decor or simply a lover of beautiful objects, let yourself be tempted by the juju hat!

Juju hats for a light decor

© Howne Blog / Home School Jexel / Pierre Paper Scissors The juju hat is available in multiple colors, for a light and delicate decoration… This exceptional object will not go unnoticed by fans of decoration. After having conquered England, the United States and Australia, the phenomenon is arriving in France. Hanging vertically in all their amplitude, these ancestral headdresses take allure of contemporary wall hangings. Intriguing and mysterious, their reading is totally different from this original point of view. Placed near a light source, their volume is revealed by harmonious plays of light and shadow. If you like intimate atmospheres, you will be won over by pastel colors, even tones on tones. The clarity of the feathers gives a soft and confidential side to the room. For a vitamin and full of pep rendering, we opt instead for bright and assertive colors. The colorful fireworks are yours! definitely the juju hat stands out as the chic detail for a romantic folk and bohemian interior. That is to say, they soon dethrone the Berber baskets yet so adored by decorists! Available in multiple colors and shades, all the madness is allowed for a decor that suits you. Will you be tempted?

© MaCouleur Shop If some people want above all a handcrafted headdress for the symbol it represents, others may be held back by its cost. The most affordable are around 90 euros, which remains a substantial budget when you have modest means. As we like to think that a beautiful decoration can also rhyme with a small budget, we have got you an ingenious tutorial, in order to make your own decorative headdress. With that, no more excuses not to succumb!

How to integrate jujus hats into my interior

© Pinterest In accumulation, the juju hat is adorned with pretty shades for the pleasure of the eyes. Do not panic, this incredible hat can adapt to all types of decoration! Whether you are a fan of Scandinavian design or a big fan of ethnic decoration, there is a juju hat for each style of decoration! Nothing like in a Nordic universe that a light color model. White, ecru, sand or gray… Hanging solo in the middle of a large clear wall, it will prove surprisingly minimalist. Do not doubt it, the marriage between natural wood, pastel pattern and silky feather can be explosive! Associated with a Berber decoration on the other hand, we opt for the explosion of colors, with a multiple hanging. Fuschia, indigo, turquoise, vermilion, coffee or chocolate… All fantasies are allowed for those who want to give free rein to their imagination! We take great care to vary the sizes and style of feathers for a very original effect. In the house, it fits easily into any room - or almost! A centerpiece in the living room, it can also be built up as a headboard in the bedroom. And why not in the office? Soft to watch, thanks to him we allow ourselves some cocooning breaks. There is nothing wrong with dreaming is not it?Now that you know what a juju hat is, what do you think? Ready to integrate it into your decor?


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