Self-cleaning glass by photocatalysis

Self-cleaning glass by photocatalysis

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Will insulating, self-cleaning and solar energy glass be the glass of tomorrow? In 2007, a team of researchers from the National University of Science and Technology of Taiwan (NTUST) developed a unique self-cleaning glass, generating electricity but also insulating. In France, for two years, self-cleaning windows have already been a reality. This ability to clean itself is due to two phenomena that most of the major manufacturers in the sector combine: photocatalysis and hydrophilicity . Photocatalysis allows the action of sunlight to dissolve organic impurities. Hydrophilicity causes the water to slide in the form of a film on the glass, de facto washing it. The largest producers of flat glass offering self-cleaning glazing using photocatalysis are Saint-Gobain, Pilkington and the American PPG. The advantages of so-called "photocatalytic" coatings OUTSIDE - Prevents electrostatic adhesion of dust - Breaks down organic pollutants on surfaces (oils, greases, dioxins, pesticides, ammonia, exhaust fumes from vehicles and factories, etc.) - Preserves their new appearance by absorbing UV rays from the sun and by protecting surfaces against their aggressions INSIDE - Prevents the adherence of stubborn dirt, fingerprints, greases, oils, fumes - Destroys allergens, mites, pollens - Prevents the formation of fogging on windows, mirrors, shower screens Self-cleaning glasses on the market 1. ACTIV by Pilkington has been distributed for over a year. 2. SGG AQUACLEAN from Saint-Gobain - a hydrophilic glass - and since 2004 SGG BIOCLEAN, the direct competitor of ACTIV. 3. SUNCLEAN by PPG.


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