What can be done legally on a balcony?

What can be done legally on a balcony?

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With the approach of the beautiful days, the townspeople reinvest their balcony. Development, decoration, and behavior are however regulated. Update with David Rodrigues, lawyer at the CLCV (national association of consumers and users). Interview by Caroline Delman

What regulates the use of the balcony?

There is no national law, it is mainly the internal regulations and co-ownership that sets the rules. Before any final change on the balcony, it is therefore better to consult the internal regulations. The municipality may also impose certain rules, which are generally included in the co-ownership by-law. There is, however, an exception for satellite dishes. The installation of these is governed by the regulations for the installation of antennas. The condominium cannot therefore prevent you from having one. However, she may ask you to place it on the roof instead of the balcony, for example.

What are the rules generally adopted by all the condominiums?

We must respect the aesthetics and harmony of the facade of the building. So, if you want to paint your bodyguard in red instead of the black common to other balconies, it is better to ask the General Assembly of the condominium. But if for example you want to replace your windows with double glazing and this does not change the aesthetics of the facade, you can do so without requesting authorization from the General Assembly of the condominium. Likewise, the balcony must not be a landfill to accommodate your user devices. Finally, safety standards must be observed. For example, a balcony cannot support a load beyond a certain weight. Find out before putting a tree on it, for example!

What are the regulated behaviors on a balcony?

He doesn't really have rules. Some regulations may ban barbecue for example, but it is not the majority. Above all, think of the rules of good neighborliness. Avoid cooking constantly on the balcony if your neighbor receives smoke and odors for example. Finally, the rules that apply to behavior in public apply on a balcony. It is therefore better to avoid taking a naked sunbath there!


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