A blog dedicated to children's design

A blog dedicated to children's design

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Children also have a right to their design, and the creators have understood this. This is the case of designer GaëlleD who dedicates her blog to children through her creations. On her blog D-sign-her, the designer invites us to reflect on the creation itself. She publishes her reflections which will lead to an object and accompanies them with a 3D creation which gives an idea of ​​the final result before its conception. Over the pages, we discover the journey of creating objects all more fun than each other. With the theme of Alice in Wonderland, GaëlleD's creations retrace the fabulous history. Thus we find rabbits, mushrooms and other magical furniture designed in papier mache. A true design story for children to follow day after day. Go to d-sign-her.blogspot.com And to buy creations, contact the designer at the following address: [email protected]


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