A water circuit breaker to prevent leaks

A water circuit breaker to prevent leaks

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Because the cost of water bills can quickly become very high in the event of a water leak, Hydrelis offers a circuit breaker system that has the advantage of cutting the water if it happens to you! We asked Jacques de Tilly, director of development for Hydrelys, to answer our questions. Here are his answers on this circuit breaker that could save your portfolio. Interview by Jennifer Hebrard

What is the principle of a water circuit breaker?

The principle is very simple: it is a device which makes it possible to cut the water as soon as there is an abnormal consumption. The tap has an electronic valve which controls consumption. As soon as it detects an anomaly, or prolonged stabilized consumption, it cuts off the water in the meter. This allows you to detect a leak, a broken pipe, a valve that is not properly closed or a flushing problem. And at the same time, this avoids paying the invoices at a very high cost that we would have received if the leak had not been detected. This principle is particularly recommended if you have a swimming pool or underground pipes.

How to install the water circuit breaker?

The device is sold ready for installation in DIY stores. Then just have it installed by a plumber. If you have some knowledge and know how to mount a tap, you can do it yourself thanks to the detailed instructions that will accompany you. It must of course be installed as close as possible to the water meter in order to prevent leaks as quickly as possible. You should know that the circuit breaker can be installed at any time in a home: in a house under construction as in an already inhabited house.

What is the expected cost?

The public price of the water circuit breaker is 400 euros. Then the installation by a plumber depends on the complexity of your installation, but it usually takes between 80 and 100 euros. If the circuit breaker has a cost to purchase, keep in mind that it can avoid otherwise higher bills and, moreover, we realized that the people who were equipped with this system used less water. Because they become aware of their daily consumption of water and also let it flow much less for fear that the circuit breaker detects an abnormal consumption, but all this of course without losing comfort! By installing this system, it is a way to kill two birds with one stone!


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