Successful home lighting

Successful home lighting

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You can have a nice interior but a cold atmosphere if the bet is not successful. Christelle Brosset, interior designer and founder of the company Chrisdéco, has made lighting a specialty. It gives us the rules to follow.

What are the basic rules to follow to properly light your house and garden?

I advise as much as possible to design and intervene before any work in order to have an installation allowing the light to occupy all the space effectively, and possibly supplement with additional lighting. For this it is also important to think carefully about the functionality of the room to have an adequate light intensity. The lighting should be like a good armchair: beautiful, but above all "comfortable". For the garden, know what you want to light and why: be able to dine outside, highlight the architecture, signal a presence, mark a path, light a path.

Are there rules according to the rooms?

Today we have at our disposal luminaries more beautiful than the others but it is necessary above all to try to imagine what it can give once at home. Which part of the luminaire really diffuses light? In which direction? At what power and for what type of source? It is important to ask these questions to obtain the desired result. It is also important to respect the safety rules in the kitchen and bathroom where the water and electricity don't like to mix.

What are the different types of lamps on the market for?

Incandescent bulbs are doomed to disappear, halogen lighting, known and adapted to our needs, is gaining ground because its light is white and bright. It is difficult to obtain this result with compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs which, although in very rapid evolution, are still awkwardly used by the public. However, these new types of light sources should all soon make it possible to obtain good lighting for all types of rooms. To be schematic, let's say that halogen is rather used in living rooms, the compact fluorescent also, but with questionable results. LEDs are, to date, very attractive by their beautiful color rendering and their playful appearance but their cost is still high for domestic lighting.

How to properly use these lamps?

For fluorescent and LEDs, you need to find out about the "color temperature" of the light produced (what we call warm white, cold white, etc.), which is starting to be indicated on the packaging. More and more specialized stores present them lit and we realize better what it can give at home. Do not hesitate to use a dimmer to be able to vary the mood. But beware, there are still very few CFLs that can be used with a drive!

How to play with the different colors in a house?

The combination of color and light efficiency is difficult to achieve. A dark color having the property of "absorbing" light, it will therefore rather complement a lighting which will be functional, thought out and chosen as such. We will make sure to use color instead for cozy atmospheres or in places where playfulness has its place. It will be used more rarely in main lighting in a kitchen, bathroom or office.

What are the errors to avoid in lighting?

Think about it too late, once the decoration is finished and the budget spent. Concentrate all the lighting in a corner of the room, even with a very powerful luminaire. Buy a price rather than lighting. Buy any type of bulbs without worrying about the rendering of light or what you already have at home.


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