Seamless plumbing

Seamless plumbing

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The scope of PVC has widened considerably with the appearance of tubes and fittings suitable for supplying hot and cold water. This material makes it possible to carry out a complete installation without welding.

Plastic generation

This is what will appeal to all those who apprehend welding work (moreover very accessible, even to a beginner): the tubes in CPVC (PVC superchlorinated), assembled by glued fittings, lend themselves to the supply of pressurized water to the devices sanitary (sink, shower, sink, bath), sinks, toilets, water heaters, washing machines ... Bonding, some of which may have feared weaknesses, turns out to be perfectly waterproof, in the case of installations visible as for recesses. In addition, it is possible to connect such an installation to an existing copper supply.

Distance between clamps

Outside diameter of the tube: 14 mm - 16 mm - 20 mm - 25 mm Distance between the collars: 50 cm - 60 cm - 65 cm - 70 cm

Recessed installation

The recessed laying of these pipes is possible without the protection of ducts for all glued joints. It is however to be prohibited for mechanical screwed connections.

Tools & materials

• Metal saw
Cutting box
Masonry drill and drill
English keys
Pipes and fittings for seamless supply (here, Girpi type)
PVC glue
Wall mounting collars