16 decorative gift ideas for Mother's Day

16 decorative gift ideas for Mother's Day

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The years go by and look the same… and here is Mother's Day again! For those who lack inspiration, here is a selection of decorative gifts to choose according to mom's style!

Mom loves design

For mothers who are interested in designers, trends and the aesthetics of objects, go to! A very wide choice of objects at various prices. Among those selected by the editorial team, the Swing vase by Normann Copenhagen.

Mom is green

For mothers who are interested in sustainable development and ecology, favor eco designers like Brindi or specialized brands such as Nature and Découvertes. In our selection: the Uovo vase or the Jardi Pot by Brindi.

Mom is glamorous

Mom claims her femininity? Choose colors like red or pink and rounded shapes. Ultra feminine, the Bouche de La Chaise Longue phone…

Mom likes gadgets

If mom has a sense of humor and loves small fun and original objects, go to certain brands that have made their specialty such as Atypik, La Chaise Longue, Fred and Friends, Pépin le Malin, Pa Design, C What… In our selection: Pa Design Crime Scene trivet.

Mom is good with her hands

For moms who love to cook, tinker… and who don't have both feet in the same shoe, look for practical but nevertheless feminine objects. In our selection, the pink tool box from La Chaise Longue or the flower garden set from Celia Birtwell at Fleux. You just have to make your choice!


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