The decor of the explorers

The decor of the explorers

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Travel lovers have found their decor with a real explorer atmosphere that can be recreated with just a few pieces of furniture and accessories. For an explorer decor, just surround yourself with furniture and accessories that seem to be brought back from one of your trips to the end of the world. The folding chairs seem straight out of the African bush and the worlds are infinite: to hang on the wall, on the top of a living room table and even a world map that contains a bar. To remember the trip, nothing better than the old leather trunks. Of course if you have them, you can divert them into decorative objects but you will also find them in decoration signs directly ready for use. Maisons du monde transforms a gigantic trunk into a bar and Catherine's house into a coffee table Our decor tip: use weathered materials like leather or "wild" like faux animal skins. In terms of colors, prefer the chestnuts and beige which remind the adventurers of the Savannah. And above all, do not hesitate to bring back real memories of your travels like statuettes or paintings. Guaranteed effect.


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