Fabric sofas for a summer decor

Fabric sofas for a summer decor

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How about a bold pink for the color of the sofa? Often confined to neutral tones like beige, gray or chocolate, we too often forget that the sofa, the centerpiece of the living room, sets the tone for its decoration. So to break the codes, you can get into a Basque type stripe (bayadères) in red and orange hues; or dare the flower power, not in total look on the fabric of the sofa, but by choosing flower cushions; or stay in the uni but daring in red or pink. On the material side, beware the fabric sofa remains fragile. If you are used to eating in front of the television, avoid cotton, which is easy to stain, and prefer synthetic or microfiber. Choose a stain-resistant fabric, the fibers of which have been waterproofed (note, this guarantee varies from one manufacturer to another). Linen, so pleasant for summer, can have a wrinkled or loose effect if it dresses a Bultex seat or a feather backrest.


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