Father's Day: an iron designed for men!

Father's Day: an iron designed for men!

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Who said that ironing was a female activity? Because we are in the 21st century, men are also getting into it and even have dedicated devices. Aware that men can also iron, Philips designed a robust, powerful, fast and precise iron which is perfectly adapted to them. Gone are the baby colors and rounded shapes, Azur GC4491 has a sleek and manly line like a sports car. Its streamlined shape is adorned with an alliance of lacquered black and matt anthracite gray highlighted by a bright red button. On the technical side, this male shoe combines power and precision thanks to a very robust sole which ensures perfect gliding from the first pass. Steam diffuses into every corner of the garment for an optimized result. No risk of wrinkles! Most : The gentlemen's new toy is presented in a very elegant black and square toolbox. Practical, it will not need to wait for cooling after use because the interior material resists heat. Price: 80 euros> More info on


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