An e-shop dedicated to the world of children

An e-shop dedicated to the world of children

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To offer your children an original and colorful room, there is no shortage of addresses because designers are increasingly interested in the world of children. Here is a new address where to find furniture and accessories for the little ones. Created by Sandra Nelissen, Made4kids.fr offers a colorful universe for your children's bedroom. Combining originality and creativity, the site proposes to do away with the baby pink of girls' bedrooms and the traditional blue for boys. Here is room for atypical collections and Nordic trends. Dutch, the designer thus draws her inspiration from the countries of the north and transforms her e-shop into a real boutique of the world where ingenuity mingles with a crazy spirit. A real Ali Baba cave that will delight young and old. Discover our selection of accessories for the child's bedroom. > More info on www.made4kids.fr


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