Maintain your lawn

Maintain your lawn

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Poorly maintained lawn is badly aged lawn. Here are some guidelines to follow to have a nice lawn all year round.

Get rid of the foam

After the rigors of winter, your lawn needs to be taken care of. Start by removing the foam plates by scraping the floor with a lawn mop. For a really invasive foam, spray iron sulphate (30 or 40 g per m²) and scrape again two weeks later. To avoid proliferation, enrich your soil.

Plug the holes in your lawn

If there are holes in your lawn, scratch the sparse areas and then sow lawn grass. Cover with a little potting soil, tamp and water.

Air the lawn

After removing the moss, use a scarifier (manual or motorized, it all depends on the surface) to aerate the lawn. He will be healthier. For a small area, you can also use plastic soles with metal studs. Walking on the lawn will make small holes that will oxygenate the soil.


Pull out the weeds by hand if they are not too many. Otherwise, simplify your task by using a selective weed killer each year in the spring, and possibly in the early fall if necessary.


The first mowing should take place in the spring, not before April, and when the lawn measures 6 to 8 cm. If possible, the day before, pass a lawn roller. This improves rooting and smoothes the soil. Then it is advisable to mow when the grass reaches 8 to 10 cm. In general, this requires passing the mower once a week in spring and fall, and once a fortnight in summer. Do not cut it too short in summer. Pick up the cut grass. Burn it or use it for your compost if it has no disease or chiggers. Do not leave the cut grass on the lawn as it will suffocate it and can cause disease.


It is not always necessary to water in the spring. Often the humidity of the dew is sufficient. On the other hand, watering is often essential in summer and in periods of drought. Water two to three times a week. Please note that sandy soil should be watered more often than clay soil.

Boost your lawn

You can give your lawn a little boost with a special fast-acting lawn fertilizer, which you apply in dry, windless weather. Another option: throw a thin layer of potting soil or compost on the surface. This enriches the soil and promotes the formation of roots. Water copiously, then brush your lawn to aerate the grass and facilitate the penetration of the soil.

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