Maintain your wooden gate

Maintain your wooden gate

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Preventively treat your wooden gate

Maintenance of a wooden gate comes first through prevention. To do this, simply apply a fungicide or insecticide treatment with a brush. An operation to do preferably at the end of the summer, when the wood is dry, and to renew every three years. The fungicide treatments are sold in DIY stores.

Then apply a stain a few days after applying the fungicide treatment. Caution: if the wood is really too much reached, the preventive treatment will not be effective. It is therefore better to replace the most damaged elements of the gate in order to avoid the spread of rotting on the rest of the structure.

Repair his wooden gate

When the wood is outside, as is the case with a gate, it does not withstand bad weather. Humidity, wind, sun ... All these natural factors which have affected the wood over the years. Before winter, a small inspection of your wooden gate therefore imposes itself. Locate the damaged wood and act immediately. And if the wood becomes greyish, a good layer of brightener-cleaner can give it a youthful look.

To prevent the wood from becoming greyish, it is therefore recommended to apply a finish to the wood. The hydrophobic nature of the oil strongly limits the action of water on the wood and therefore delays the dullness that can appear over time.

Fight against wood pests

Badly maintained, your wooden gate could become a paradise for parasites. Insects and wood-eating worms leave dust deposits and small holes. Mushrooms and molds often cause reddish-brown spores, a cottony appearance or even blue stain on the wood.

When one of these symptoms appears, treat the wood quickly. Treatment products are generally preventive and curative. Wear gloves and a protective mask when applying.

In case of holes and cracks, fill in with wood pulp. For large holes, take wood putty or replace the damaged piece. In case of termites, it is better to call a specialist because the operation is delicate and requires the use of very powerful products to be sure that all the termites are correctly eliminated.

Varnish your wooden gate

Wood varnish is important. It protects your gate against the aggressions of the wind, humidity or even the rays of the sun. To do this, use a varnish specially designed for exterior woods.

Avoid low-end varnishes, which will force you to varnishyour wooden gate every two years. On the other hand, with a quality varnish, you will be quiet for five to ten years. Apply the varnish in calm weather because if there is wind, impurities will stick to the gate. Also work in the morning or evening, when it is not too hot.

Before applying your wood varnish, it is important to dismantle the hardware present on the gate (hinges, handles, etc.). On some woods (especially exotic woods), the varnish adheres more difficult. In these cases, it is recommended to apply a coat of primer before the varnish, using a brush or a cloth.

The opening of the wood gate takes place in a few steps:

  • Stir the contents of the pot of varnish to homogenize the product.
  • Apply the varnish to the gate using a flat brush. To avoid drips, avoid loading it with product.
  • Respect the drying time indicated between the application of the two coats of wood varnish.


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