Zinc spirit in the house

Zinc spirit in the house

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Zinc is the preferred material of certain brands, such as Jardin D'Ulysse or Athezza, and brings a touch of authenticity to the house in a family home spirit. It is ideal in combination with light or dark wood, and finds unexpected applications in decorative objects such as lampshades. We're all crazy about zinc! Outside and inside, this beautiful blue gray metal is the material of milk jugs and watering cans, grilled cheese bells and pantries, pendulums and old-fashioned candy boxes. In a word, an authentic material that evokes the house of our childhood. Its beautiful cold color brings a touch of freshness to the decor, and over time, the zinc loses its metallic luster and becomes patina. On the maintenance side, zinc is a material that does not deteriorate much, but if you have to clean it, you will do it with ammonia (watch out for the eyes and hands) and to make it shine, the soda crystals are perfect.


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