Trend: nude decor!

Trend: nude decor!

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Nude, already very trendy in fashion, extends to decoration, for a soft and timeless effect. Selection of furniture, fabrics, lighting, carpets ... to see life in nude!

Powdery atmospheres

The flesh tones are printed on the fabrics, in all its variations: from light brown through beige, to very pale pink. It is found on carpets, light fixtures, curtains, linens ... in materials such as linen or cotton, burlap or bure. To create a nude atmosphere, you just have to combine all these tones, for furniture and accessories, without creating contrast: guaranteed lightness effect!

With light wood

The light wood goes well with the nude tones, for a trendy eco-friendly result! Think of raw teak, mango, bark or driftwood furniture. At Maisons du Monde you will find a driftwood coffee table. You can associate it with a rattan chandelier and a clear carpet, as in the photo.

For different styles

Whether your interior is design, contemporary, nature or Zen spirit, nude tones are welcome. In any case, these shades will lighten your space while bringing it light. The pale pink, in particular, goes with a very feminine, sweet and refined romantic style. It fits perfectly for a princess bedroom, like the one proposed by Maisons du Monde, which revisits the Louis XVI style in candy pink.


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