Myevian: customize your water bottle

Myevian: customize your water bottle

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After the success of the limited editions Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier and recently Paul Smith, Evian is launching a customizable bottle service called Myevian. Become the creator of your bottle in a few clicks and get your message across during your dinners. From "Happy Birthday" to "Bon appétit" and other personal messages, anything goes! You will be able to personalize your important events like a wedding, a birth or a birthday with bottles that resemble you but also make winks during your dinners with friends. How it works ? On the site, you have the choice between two models of 75 cl bottle: one with pure and modern lines and another decorated for a festive spirit. Then it's simple, just select the number of lines and write your text. You can choose between different sizes, four fonts and a few icons to complete your decor. You will receive your creation with personalization by laser engraving for a stunning effect. And you, what will you register? Price 4.50 euros per unit, minimum quantity of 12 bottles. > More info on


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