What color to put in an entry?

What color to put in an entry?

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The entrance, often overlooked in terms of decoration, is nevertheless a room where you can almost afford anything. Indeed, its situation of passage room leaves the free choice for all the desires of decoration. But beware, its often low luminosity can be a handicap. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes!

If the entrance is bright

This is the ideal situation, everything is allowed! We can take the opportunity to display welcoming and warm colors, which we would not necessarily put in a living room. The oranges are for the entry a very favorable color. We also think of raspberry pink, lemon yellow or even red that can be applied to a single wall so as not to overload the atmosphere. For those who do not like warm colors, blues and greens today have beautiful, sufficiently sustained shades that can energize the entrance. And these two colors are currently on the rise among decorators and stylists…

If the entrance is dark

We choose light shades that can illuminate it. Beige, taupe, powder pink, yellow, etc. Avoid the white which gives a laboratory side, or else do not hesitate to accessorize the room with objects in warm and bright colors. Dark colors such as browns, blacks or dark grays are to be avoided, on pain of giving your guests the desire to leave immediately! Finally, the entrance is the room where you can afford anything, so if you are flashing for a wallpaper with extravagant patterns, this is the place to put it!


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