Piccolo, Dolce Gusto's little one

Piccolo, Dolce Gusto's little one

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Usually I smell the new household appliances well before their release in store but this one must have escaped me because last Saturday, while strolling in a department store, I was surprised to discover a new coffee maker at the head of gondola . Two solutions: either I am getting old and I can no longer find new products before everyone else, or the release of this new coffee maker has been scheduled for August 15 in total discretion. My pride and I will opt for the second solution if you don't mind. But let's go back to the main subject which is the coffee machine or rather the new multi-drink dispenser Dolce Gusto. After the Circolo which impressed with its futuristic but somewhat bulky design, Dolce Gusto decided to reduce the size of its machines ... but not its ambitions! To see the crowd that formed in the store around this Piccolo machine, we have no trouble identifying the target. Students are going to drink coffee this year, I tell you! What attracts them? A minimum footprint (22cmx28.7cm), which has the gift of seducing these future tenants of studios with kitchenettes (or pseudo-kitchens). So even if it is done at the expense of the water tank which can only hold 60 cl of water, this is not really a problem since, in the best of cases, the coffee maker will be 15 cm from the water point in the kitchenette in question. If students are attracted to Dolce Gusto Piccolo, it is also because it is one of the only machines to offer such a wide choice of drinks: there are obviously all variations of coffee (cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and and so on) but also chocolate including a new one with a good taste of Nesquik and Nestea iced tea. However, when Dolce Gusto speaks of iced tea, he specifies that it is water at the temperature of that of the reservoir. The machine is therefore not able to refrigerate and that makes all the difference especially when you live under the roofs in Marseille. Finally, and this is far from negligible, the Dolce Gusto Piccolo also displays a mini price (around 80 €) for this kind of product, even if the simple coffee maker will always remain more economical for our students with sleepless nights.

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