New designs for casseroles

New designs for casseroles

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Whether on the side of pressure cookers or cast iron casseroles, we are now very far from our grandmothers' model! Manufacturers offer casseroles with a very refined design to adapt to our modern kitchens.

Pressure cookers

Contrary to popular belief, the term pressure cooker is a registered trademark of Seb. It would therefore be advisable to call this kitchen utensil a pressure cooker but it is however the name of the brand which remains the most used. Far from the archaic models of our grandmothers, today's casseroles are adorned with attractive colors like Seb's "Raspberry" but above all with clean lines that almost make you forget the traditional object like Hawkins Futura. On the technical side, it is now enough to press a button to open, which has made it possible to remove the unsightly closing stirrup.

Cast iron casseroles

On the cast iron side too, there is a change: for example, there are much more current colors such as eggplant or lemon yellow and a very designer shiny effect. Tefal offers a brand new line that is both design and responsible. Its Natura casserole dish, with an innovative design, is made of recycled aluminum with handles based on wood from sustainably managed forests and all this in recycled paper packaging. Without doubt a new must in our kitchens! Discover our selection of innovative casseroles: