How to recover a blistering marble table?

How to recover a blistering marble table?

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Beautiful smooth and flat surface, the marble top of a table is likely to be damaged. An unfortunate ironing blow on a simple towel, but also the wear and tear and the varnish starts to crack or blister. So once the damage is done, how do you fix it? You will see that it is not that simple, it is expensive and sometimes without guarantee of result. Unprocessed marble is a pebble. Traditionally, this pebble is polished by a marble worker to obtain this shiny appearance. The other way to get this look is to use a varnish like a car polish. It is obviously a less complicated technique and above all less expensive. But in case of wear or accident of the varnish, the only solution is to return the table to a marble worker who will completely repoint the table. And it is not without risks: the marble can break during this operation, and it is also possible that once sanded, the marble is in too bad a state to be recovered. Suffice to say that there is in fact no guarantee of being able to recover the table, not to mention that the intervention of a marble worker is not given.


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