My chalet-style decor in Megève

My chalet-style decor in Megève

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What could be more cozy and comforting than a chalet-style decor when winter is felt? By choosing the right materials and a few accessories, here is how to make a chalet-style interior at home in Megève!

Natural materials

The priority for imitating Alpine chalets is to bet on natural materials. And that's good, we find them everywhere this winter! Stone, wood, fur (false of course) and animal skins (false too) are the essentials of a mountain decor. We therefore choose raw wood furniture or driftwood objects. The cushions, throws and poufs are made of faux fur or wool. Regarding the stone, we choose it for accessories such as slate placemats for example or other decorative accessories.

Rustic… but rustic chic!

On the style side, it is of course the rustic which dominates, but the rustic neat! Because Megève is not exactly a small village lost in the countryside ... And this aged aspect without seeming neglected, is an art that many brands master perfectly like Du Bout Du Monde or even AM.PM de La Redoute . We therefore choose furniture whose feet are simple pieces of wood preserving the visible veins, the natural curvature and the raw color of the wood. The lumberjack style can also be useful thanks to accessories such as the trivet imitating a wooden washer at AM.PM or the "Rondin de Bois" carpet at Fleux.

Natural colors

Finally the colors must harmonize with the natural materials and the raw forms of the decoration. The wood color is therefore omnipresent but trendy light wood. And to bring softness in a very pleasant cocooning spirit in the heart of winter, we put on colors like pearl gray, sand beige, and of course the immaculate white which reminds of snow…