Practical and aesthetic changing tables

Practical and aesthetic changing tables

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You hesitate on the choice of the changing table while waiting for the arrival of your little one? Wall table, changing table, shelf to fix on the bathtub… The choice is so vast that we sometimes don't know which model to turn to! The changing table is however an important piece of furniture that you will have to use several times a day during the first years of baby. It must therefore be chosen with care, depending on its look, the surface and the configuration of the room or bathroom.

The classic changing table

Composed of a tray resting on four feet, the classic changing table is available in a rigid or folding version and can be fitted with a bathtub for certain models. Classic models are often less bulky than changing chests but can sometimes lack storage space.

The changing table

The changing table is a fully-fledged piece of furniture which has the distinction of having numerous storage drawers located under the changing table. Despite its bulky size, it remains a good investment due to its stability and its scalability. The changing table, removable for most models, is detached from the rest of the furniture: practical when the age of the diapers is over!

The changing table on the bathtub

The latter is fixed on the bathtub, whatever its size and width. Ideal for small spaces, changing tables on a bathtub, however, have the disadvantage of not being at the right height, since they require kneeling to change baby.


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