Effect paintings to stage its decoration

Effect paintings to stage its decoration

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To structure a space, enhance it and modify the perception of volumes, color plays a very important role. The effects of matter bring a real staging to the decor. This is why Dulux Valentine offers the Architect range, for more real-life effects. The Architect range from Dulux Valentine explores the effects of matter to bring the walls of our interiors to life. In addition to the usual finishes such as Mat Absolu, Laque Brillante and Satin Soyeux, Architect is enriched by more daring paintings. Dulux Valentine thus proposes to associate a traditional painting with a finish of building material such as wood, concrete or metal for effects and colors which harmonize while punctuating the spaces. It's up to you to choose your material effect to give a new dimension to your interior. -The metal effect is slightly sparkling thanks to metallic particles which catch the light. -The concrete effect is tinted in the mass and is nuanced in a subtle semi plain for an effect of depth. - Finally wood effect , sober and almost raw, brings a natural touch thanks to its matt and slightly rough appearance. > More info on


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