3D effect for vinyl planks that perfectly imitate parquet

3D effect for vinyl planks that perfectly imitate parquet

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An innovation for floors that this vinyl 3D coating. Gerflor's Senso planks not only imitate solid parquet to perfection, but they also copy its texture: ribbed to the touch, the trompe-l'oeil effect of these "real false" wooden floors is reinforced by a 3D border , appearing the gap between the slats. Breathtaking realism! These blades exist in three finishes : Rustic reminiscent of bleached oak or light pine floors worn by an exhibition by the sea. 4 possible decorations with "Pecan" (grayed out), "Cocoa" (chocolate), "Kola" (bleached gray) and "Nutmeg "(caramel). Future which is part of a loft and contemporary trend with "Whitetech", "Blacktech", "Filament" and "Greytech". Finally Romance for a charming inner spirit with "Patina Cream" (off-white), "Watercolor" (light blue) and "Tender Taupe" (taupe). Technical side and installation, the blades are made of recyclable laminated vinyl, self-adhesive to apply on a flat and hard support such as tiles or concrete. They are cleaned with a sponge and are guaranteed for 10 years in residential use. A little decorative revolution! Senso blades from Gerflor, Rustic, Futur and Romance in a box of 16 blades for about 2 square meters covered, 18.90 euros. On sale in DIY stores (Future exclusively at Leroy Merlin)


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