A furniture makeover to give a second life to old furniture

A furniture makeover to give a second life to old furniture

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After a training in Applied Arts then in DTP, Audrey Halin is recycled in the makeover of furniture. She explains what her job consists of.

What does this amazing job of furniture makeover consist of?

It is a question of transforming existing furniture, often without particular charm, to make them pretty and give them a new life. In a way, I make new with old.

How do you do it?

I hunt for furniture everywhere: in flea markets, garage sales, Emmaüs, on the sidewalk ... Then I repair and prepare them to be repainted. As far as I am concerned, I work mainly on color relationships. Sometimes I make collages. I even happened to embroider furniture.

How far can you go in furniture makeovers?

Until cutting the structure, adding plexiglass, breaking a style, boning a piece of furniture without interest to reuse it in pieces on other pieces of furniture. The idea is to always recycle as much as possible.

Does your furniture makeover shop also shop?

Yes. Customers come either to buy furniture that I have found and redesigned, or for me to relook a piece of furniture belonging to them, or because they want to entrust me with research and transformation of furniture.

Is furniture makeover a long-term trend, in your opinion?

This trend started almost five years ago and continues as the different furniture makeovers are able to renew themselves. As far as I'm concerned, I mainly offer functional furniture, which we need on a daily basis. My sensitivity goes to the 50s and 60s.

What revamped furniture sells best?

Storage furniture and small space-saving furniture such as small dressers, small extending tables, small desks, as well as children's furniture.

What style do your customers like the most?

Right now it's the 1950s, like tripod tables and furniture with thin, slanting legs. I was asked a lot of mole but I hardly do any more because I got tired of it, unless the client insisted. I prefer the colored grays and I really like the soft and vivid colors.

What is the average price of a revamped piece of furniture?

For the shop part, it takes on average 250 € for a dresser repainted inside and outside, 180 € for a table and 380 € for a wardrobe. But it can be less or more depending on the furniture.

Do you offer furniture makeover courses?

Yes, I offer 3-hour sessions by appointment at 40 €. I only take one or two people each time. I also organize workshops for children during school holidays, by the day or à la carte. To know more : Atelier Bulle 8-10 passage Bullourde, Paris 11e. Phone. 01 58 30 96 37


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