Raclette machine takes on new dimensions

Raclette machine takes on new dimensions

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The raclette party can quickly become hell for those who do not have a round table. This is why Tefal is launching the first "table runner" raclette machine. Explanations. No more elbowing to get to catch its melted cheese when the table is rectangular. From now on, each guest will be able to serve himself as he wishes without disturbing the rest of the table thanks to a long device for optimal accessibility. The device allows 6 guests to freely access the squeegee. And its narrow shape keeps it far enough from plates and glasses not to raise the temperature. The advantage is that it is not only used for the raclette because it is three in one: plancha, grill and of course raclette. Everything is easy to store because the device takes up little space. And finally, on the hygiene side, there is no more need to scrub because the hob and the cups go into the dishwasher. Price 79.49 euros> More info on www.tefal.fr


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