Sonia's Parisian loft lounge

Sonia's Parisian loft lounge

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NOMA CAFE vinyl flooring GERFLOR Adhesive vinyl door decor "Visit to the Eiffel Tower" Tailor-made from an original photograph by Anne-Laure Jacquart. Also available on canvas, poster, wallpaper, etc. CEEPEEART AVINTAGE ACI-AVI402 Type Vision service wine cellar, 2 temperatures. Temperature adjustable in 2 compartments: right and left (from 5 to 18 ° C) Capacity: 42 bottles of Bordeaux / 30 bottles of Burgundy or Val de Loire MY WINE CELLAR Telephone reception: 04 26 03 05 43 [email protected] Black and white lacquered coffee table LEATHER CENTER Wall paint: Waxed Concrete Effect Gray Wax Concrete Effect Absolute Matt - Matt - Cast Iron Absolute Matt - Matt - Manhattan Absolute Matt - Matt - Silica Matt Absolute - Matt - Intense White DULUX VALENTINE Glass underlay, laminate, White Carropeint wall tiles - paint tiles - Anthracite JULIEN PAINTINGS Cupboard : Ref: 08.0115 _ 1 Rod Between Walls 80-125cm in aluminum Nickel sat. Entrance door: Ref: 09.1536 _ 1 Rod Ø20 x 1.50M cut to 1.20m in steel with matt chrome decor Ref: 09.0631 _ 2 Adjustable supports Ø20x100mm in aluminum with Gray sand decor Ref: 09.0131 _ 2 Ø20 Celia end caps in Gray aluminum decor sand Stay : Ref: 09.3036 _ 2 Rods Ø20 x 3.00M cut to 2.80m in steel with matt chrome decor Ref: 09.0631 _ 5 Adjustable supports Ø20x100mm in aluminum with Gray sand decor Ref: 09.1700 _ 1 Ø20 bar connection Ref: 09.0131 _ 2 Ø20 Celia end caps aluminum sand gray decor Dressing room: Ref: 04.1515 _ 2 Steel rods Ø20x1.50m in steel with Nickel sat decoration Ref: 04.0915 _ 6 Supports Ø20x50mm in aluminum with Nickel sat decoration Ref: 04.0515 _ 4 Ø20 spring tips in aluminum with Nickel sat decoration ATN Curtains ESTELLE Pink Cushions ESTELLE Pink SHEVA Transparent Versailles plate Large transparent Versailles plate Gray pipette mixer white folding chair the gray velvet corner sofa the XXL chrome lamp the white pop table bulb touch lamp Chromed bedside lamp Paris 100 canvas The 24-piece housewife the carpet Paris 170 taupe glass tasting the bottle oil pop the chair base Trianon fuchsia the napkin gray city the path table city anthracite Butter dish round in glass Canvas photo Eiffel The bar chair design kinds the white design lamp the loft lamp large model the modern cup silver the Eiffel Tower candle holder 50cl the Tokio fushia velvet stool the glass turntable the white pepper mill the Tanaka table set the clock metal cutlery clock Large spring clock the apron news the glove news OPEN IN THE CITY Sequin fusible fabric: Silver glittery fusible fabric ref: TISSU-SILVER Holographic effect fusible fabric ref: TISSU-HOLO Iron-on rhinestones: Crystal color ref: STRASS-CRYSTAL Light purple color ref: STRASS-PURPLE Pink color ref: STRASS-PINK Black color ref: STRASS-BLACK Holographic effect ref: STRASS-HOLO Iron-on metal: SILVER metal stars ref: METAL001AR SILVER metal stars ref: METAL002AR SILVER metal drops ref: METAL003AR SILVER metal rings ref: METAL005AR SILVER metal rings ref: METAL006AR " KI-SIGN Soupire ceramic vase ref: LGC410101 Silver lacquered square tray ref: JTN720033 Octo Chrome vase ref: YSC410016 Octo Chrome bowl ref: YSC410017 Jazzy Black vase ref: WDG400005 COMING B Black chassis 50x50 cm PEBEO To coat the bar: 1 Stainless steel plate Screw and stainless steel screw cover To customize the TV stand: Stainless steel plates pigskin Alu points Bostik glue 4 Casters Screw and screw cover WEBER METALS & PLASTICS Storm candle jar Wild blackberry Velvet storm candle jar of plums Clafoutis with plums Mini-desserts ScentPlus candle jar Snowflakes Frozen fruit Mini candle jar Balloon Frozen fruit Mini candle jar Balloon Lavender bouquet Mini candle jar Black orchid balloon Mini candle jar Balloon Black cherry Round lantern (12) Chocolate Tapered candle (6) Black Plum clafoutis two-tone pot Copper lantern Candle holder 3 wicks Futuristic Duo of pillar holders Quicksilver Mystery tray Candle holder 3 wicks for Christmas Symmetry candle holder (height 19 cm) Candle holder Symmetry (height 29 cm) Candle holder Symmetry (height 41 cm) Candle holder 3 wicks Chrome Pillar black orchid Small candle 3 wicks Vanilla cream Small candle 3 black orchid wicks Square candle 5 wicks Glazed fruits Round pillar (7x7) Ivory Round pillar (7x7) Chocolate Round pillar (7x12) Ivory Round pillar (7x12) Chocolate Round pillar (7x 17) White Round pillar (7x17) Chocolate Small candle 3 wicks Ivory Warming candle (12) Chocolate Warming candle (12) black orchid Round lantern (12) plum velvety Maxi warming candle (4) Glazed fruits Maxi tealight (4) Blackberry PARTYLITE


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