When "It's clean" takes action

When "It's clean" takes action

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Danièle Odin is one of the two hosts of the program "C'est du propre!", Broadcast on M6. With her accomplice Béatrice de Foucauld, she published two books of practical advice for housekeeping ("C'est du propre!", Éd. Hachette Pratique-M6 éditions). Interview by Pierre Tessier How to remove traces of lime in the kitchen or in the bathroom? The best is to pour a little warm white vinegar on the area to be cleaned and leave it on for a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes before rubbing. We use pure vinegar for the enamel and a little diluted if it is a metallic surface. But in either case, do not forget to rinse thoroughly, because vinegar is a fairly aggressive product, which could attack the sink or sink. It also works to remove traces of lime in the toilet. You have to start by pumping well with the brush to lower the water level in the bowl and be able to pour the vinegar on the area to be cleaned. Then leave to act for 15 or 20 minutes before rubbing or rinsing. For the sink or sink, you can also use the rest of a lemon whose juice we used in cooking to rub the stain. It is very effective, because we rub the stain at the same time as the citric acid attacks the limestone. And in addition, it smells good! How do you remove melted candle wax from a piece of furniture? When wax is dropped on a tablecloth or carpet, we take very fine tissue paper, the kind we use to make beautiful gift packages or to wrap very fragile objects. We put the tissue paper on the stain, and we pass a lukewarm iron, so that the stain sticks on the tissue paper. If you made this kind of stain on a wooden piece of furniture, it is also very simple, because the wax does not get encrusted in the wood. It is enough to wait until the wax has completely cooled and hardened to remove it with the nail or a pointed object, while being careful not to damage the wood. How to properly clean a garden furniture that has spent the winter outside? We start by cleaning it well using soap and water or an equivalent product such as oxydrine, dish soap or detergent. You can also add hydrogen peroxide in the bucket, so as to whiten it a little in addition to removing the dirt. No need to put too much, a few drops or a spoonful are enough. Then, a good trick to give a facelift to your garden furniture is to prepare an emulsion with one or two egg whites beaten in snow with a little lemon and place this mixture on the table and chairs, so as to do like a varnish. This does not protect the garden furniture from dirt, but it immediately looks cleaner and newer. What to do to clean particularly dirty windows? It is important not to start directly with window cleaner, as this would leave too many traces. We first wipe with a rag to remove the layer of dust that has settled on the windows. Then, they are washed with water and a little detergent, to degrease them well. You can also use white from Spain or white from Meudon. It is with this product that bars or restaurants write their menus on the windows. It is found in all drugstores or in DIY stores, and it really degreases very well. It is only after these first two steps that the window product is used. And finally, we can have a shot with newspaper. This prevents traces from remaining, especially when you have large bay windows.

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