The Charlotte and Margaux twin bedroom

The Charlotte and Margaux twin bedroom

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4 Japanese panels: Taupe, Lilac, Green, White 2 Curtains for custom closet doors: "MARGAUX" and "CHARLOTTE" 2 Custom white duvet covers "MARGAUX" and "CHARLOTTE" PERSONAL TREND Aluminum display frames "Frame Box" Front side of the Frame Box that can be easily unclipped and allows the presentation of objects or photos and the infinite modification of their content. Unbreakable Altuglas type glass. Available in 2 finishes: silver aluminum and black aluminum and in 2 formats: 70x90cm and 50x60cm NIELSEN BAINBRIDGE 8 Dragon Ball Z Manga Figures 5 Knights of the Zodiac Figures BANDAI 2 Vertical Murphy beds Bed 90 x 200 cm Model: VERTICAL_CUBED MEUBLUS Single strip wallpaper "Tokyo hostel": custom-made and in other colors - also available in Japanese panel ... Single strip wallpaper "Stylish bayadère": custom-made - available in 'other colors and Japanese panel ... CEEPEEART 2 stools up to you Waves silver 2 BOREAL taupe table lamps 1 KOPEN White floor lamp MILIBOO 1 rod Créaforge O 28 X 1.50 Concrete Gray 2 spring tips Concrete gray 2 supports 60mm concrete gray ATN 2 Aluminum venetian blinds MADECO Symmetry candle holder Symmetry candle holder Symmetry candle holder Round pillar Vanilla cream Round pillar Vanilla cream Round pillar Vanilla cream Sobriety plate Square candle 5 wicks Glazed fruits Candle holder My beautiful Mirror Candle holder 3 Christmas wicks Small candle 3 wicks Vanilla cream Solstice lantern Candle holder 3 wicks Futuristic Gift candle jar Iced fruits Candle garden Bamboo shoots Candle garden Black orchid Warming candle Vanilla cream PARTYLITE Wall painting: Mat Infini - Mat - Taupe Color cream - Satin - Wisteria Color cream - Satin - Green lotus DULUX VALENTINE To customize the background of the window frames: 2 stainless steel plates WEBER METALS & PLASTICS


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