Caulk your windows to end energy loss

Caulk your windows to end energy loss

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Did you know that 15-20% of heat loss comes from doors and windows? To remedy this, here is a new window-side product that will allow you to spend a winter sheltered from drafts: window seals designed in high-performance foam and very easy to install. Made from high performance foam, these joints are very easy to install and provide good insulation. This new foam, based on sponge rubber, offers good thermal and acoustic performance. It is effective even at low compression and its lifespan is estimated at 15 years! It does not dry in the sun, is rot-proof and UV-resistant. For aluminum windows, the 6 mm wide joints stick to the frame and to the sash. For wooden windows, the joint is thicker, 12 mm, and it only sticks to the frame. Also note that these foam seals are eco-responsible products: chlorine-free, they emit little VOC. The adhesive for sticking them is made of acrylic and solvent-free. So the advantage of properly caulking your windows is that it saves on heating costs since it limits heat loss, but it also allows you to isolate yourself a little better from noise and limit allergenic components like dust or pollen. Window seal alu / PVC GPI in roll of 13 m x 6 mm of width; wood window seal, roll 6.5 mx 12 mm wide; indicative public price 12.95 euros; on sale in DIY supermarkets.


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