Decorative horoscope: cottage style for Cancer

Decorative horoscope: cottage style for Cancer

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Sensitive and helpful, cancer is deeply attached to the family for which it seeks harmony. For him it is a house teeming with children, but in which there reigns a certain order brought in particular by family furniture. Its interior is indeed part of its family history, with emotional memories and if the interior of the cancer may appear austere, it is nonetheless warm and cozy. The imposing furniture is rejuvenated by light colors, white, beige and its variations dominate, the wood of course is present, reassuring and harmonious. The floral patterns on the sofas and on the curtains are the "British" touch that marks the country chic style of cancer decoration.

- His home

A country house or by the sea.

- His favorite piece

The kitchen, the heart of the house where the whole tribe works together. The dining room where everyone meets around the big table.

- Its purpose

A light wooden dresser.

- His color

White, beige, pastel shades in general.

- Its decorative style

The cottage spirit, warm and cozy with floral patterns, light wood furniture, family tableware. Find the cancer sticker on


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